Triple Diamond Pokie 

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Triple Diamond
Triple Diamond pokies will keep you at the edge of your seat if you talk of real money games. This Australian gaming giant boasts attractive bonuses and a whole page, providing you with gaming bonuses as long as you are within the Australian and Canadian boundaries. In line with the info about the welcome offer, VIP loyalties, and free spins, PokiesMan also treats you to factual content and pokies reviews to let you choose the utmost online casino. 
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Triple Diamond Pokie Review

Unlike many online games, it lacks high graphics thrill and attractive bonus features. However, all that has been compensated with its highest Return to Player sums. It has three reels and up to nine paylines. It looks different from what you’d expect in the latest video slots. For instance, the latest versions of classic TDS are tailored to suit the taste of modern players. Plus, they are available to try for free. Its classic one often has five reels, animations, and new and enhanced graphics, among other great features. Triple Diamonds has two themes: Triple Diamonds pokies and Triple Diamonds Cheese.

IGT Triple Diamond slot machine return to player is 90.09%. Compared to most variants, it is one of the least generous. The best part is that it also has low volatility. A lower volatility means users get to win regularly, even though wins may not be big. If you are used to and like spinning and winning, then enjoy playing the Triple Diamond casino game. But if you are used to only big wins and do not pay attention to small wins, look elsewhere for jackpot slots.

Special Symbols and Winning Combinations

Triple Diamond pokie game has various bonus features and rounds. These features will let you hit its jackpot more often and increase your chances of garnering small wins frequently. Wild symbols are bonus features for this particular variant, just like traditional slots and all their predecessors. Each symbol pays a different amount; therefore, players can win big. Here are the amounts paid by pokies.

  • A single wild symbol offers a 2x multiplier;
  • Exactly one wild symbol offers a 3x multiplier;
  • Two wild symbols give a 10 x multiplier;
  • Two wilds that do not have a symbol on the pay line offer a 9x multiplier;
  • Three wilds symbols offer up to 1, 199x.

When playing this game for real money, enjoy multiple multipliers. It is also possible to win big with multipliers, up to 1,199 times its total multiplier. For this to happen, users need a well-thought-out winning strategy. With a high bet, there are more chances of landing a high payout. There is no need for tips and cheats for winning in Triple Diamonds pokie machine. You only need to understand its rules and play by them. This slot has myriad pay lines but does not have any free spins.

Free Triple Diamond slots have just 3 symbols and a couple of colored bars with different scores on the pay table. It is one of the most profitable games due to its winning symbols. Here are various credits for various symbols:

  • 1 diamond symbol = 2 credits;
  • 2 diamond symbols=10 credits;
  • 3 diamonds = 2000 credits;
  • 100 credits are 3, 7s;
  • 3 yellow bars = 40 credits;
  • 3 purple bars = 20 credits;
  • 3 blue bars = 10 credits;
  • 3 black bars = 5 credits.

Free Spins Bonuses & Jackpot

Triple Diamonds has more than 400 machine slots but does not have any free spins and special symbols except the wild; it looks like the logo itself, which is a substitute for all specials. They are all that is needed for winning combinations.

  • Min and maximum bets;
  • Bets range from 25 to 100;
  • The maximum bet is 100;
  • Its jackpot has 1199 times bet line.

Users need up to 100 paylines to try for free or real money. Jackpot’s value depends on the number of coins players have when they are multiplied 1,199 times. It is possible to play this game as a free or real version; either way, you can win.

Because these variants do not have free spins, it’s possible to multiply coins immensely. Triple Diamond pokies has 1 Wild, and 2 Scatters in 9 lines, that is, 3 reel slots. It is possible to use the computer to play when clicking its ‘auto spin’ option or spin yourself. Even though there are no download versions, users can still do it on their mobile phones. This game is available on Google Play, but users will have to download its app. Play it on an iOS device with an Adobe flash player. It is also available for Blackberry.

How to Win a Triple Diamond Jackpot?

The triple Diamond slot machine is built only on its wild symbol. Any big payout is a result of hitting it in any capacity. Multipliers only apply when users substitute this symbol. That is:

  • 3 times for a single substitution;
  • 9 times for double substitution;
  • When hitting all three, players hit the jackpot at 1199 stake.

Every time a solid combination, users win big. This machine is built to resemble the classic high-limit Triple Diamond pokie with only a few features. Other in-demand features of this game in-depth include:

  • Bonus rounds – There is no bonus round when playing this game or when winning.
  • Free spins – This slot machine is a simple, easy-to-use interface. It does not have any free spins.
  • Jackpot – This game offers a progressive jackpot prize of up to 1199coins when using wild symbols, multipliers, and scatters
  • No deposit bonuses – This poky offers a first deposit bonus.
  • Welcome bonuses – There is no welcome bonus in the Triple Diamonds slot.
  • Scatter – This game does not have as many symbols as is expected in other casino variants. The only scatters to watch are red seven, Triple Diamond Logo, double purple, triple yellow, and single green.
  • Wild – Triple Diamonds slot wilds unable to complete a winning line. They multiply winnings a certain number of times. For example, winnings are multiplied ten times when two wilds are on the screen.

Free Triple Double Diamond Slot Games

It is a simple and exciting game to play. Users can try free Triple Diamond pokies or paid versions on their desktop computers, mobile phone, and other devices. The glory of playing it here is that it is free and has no registration processes. It means they won’t ask to verify with email or ask to download it. Again it is not filled with annoying pop-ups like most online casino games. Ultimately you get the same great experience as in a Vegas physical casino, playing in the comfort of home or office.

  1. On your screen, open the machines betting tab by clicking on its green button on your screen’s far left.
  2. Adjust the active win line numbers for its gameplay for 9 provided. The more users activate, the higher their chances of hitting a winning combination.
  3. Select credit amounts starting from 25 to 500 credits. Getting up to 4500 credits is possible when using maximum coin value and bet lines.
  4. Click Triple Diamond free pokies green button to confirm stake and exit the betting tab.
  5.  Use the white rotating arrow in the green far right of its screen to spin reels.

At the bottom of the players’ screen, their remaining Triple Diamond slot game account balance, total stakes placed, and granted payouts are displayed.

Play Triple Diamond Slots Real Money

As stated in the beginning Triple Diamonds pokie is one of the IGT flagships. This is a land-based casino one accessible to play in any country where the government regulates gambling; the UK is an example. The UK Gambling Commission regulates gambling activities; therefore, playing TDS here is possible.

Currently, users cannot try it for free online for money in the US. Even so, many online casino slot games operate with similar features and perks as Triple Diamonds for real money. They will provide the same experience as playing in the US. If you are wondering where to play TDS for free online for money, we have a page for real money versions where you can learn more.

Tips to Win Triple Diamond Pokies

Have the same set of symbols on a reel at any pay line. This may sound so simple, yet so hard:

  • Green bars are 10 times your bet;
  • If having 2 purple bars, these are 20 times your bet;
  • If it is three yellow bars, that is 40 times your bet;
  • Get three triple diamonds and scoop the maximum amount of payout.

Ensure that there are the same symbols at the end of a payline.

Where can I play free Triple Diamonds online without downloading the software?
You can try free Diamond pokies in numerous places without downloading anything. Play it in any online casino that offers the IGT catalog of slot machines.
Are there luxury slots after Triple Diamonds pokies to play?
Yes, IGT is known for developing a myriad of luxury slots. You can check with any online casinos that offer an IGT catalog of machines to find more luxury ones, including the TDS series.
What are the disadvantages of TDS?
The disadvantage of this pokie is that it has fewer features and does not have bonus rounds as it emulates its classic style.
What's the jackpot type of Triple Diamonds?
Triple diamonds pokie have a progressive jackpot.
Does it have an offline version of the casino?
Triple Diamonds slot does not have offline versions unless you enter a physical casino to play it.
What do players think about the game?
Though this game has fewer bonuses and features, they all are compensated in the probability of winning. It does not require any personal details for verification and does not need one to download software. One can easily get bored after playing it several times.
What are the advantages of Triple Diamonds slot?
This slot is simple and old school, has attractive payouts, and is simple for beginners.
What can I do to reduce the risk of losing money?
There are many things that people do or do not do when playing the TDS that makes them at risk of losing money. For instance, not following instructions, skipping its demo, ignoring volatility, not trying jackpots, playing from questionable casinos, taking unwise risks, ignoring RTPs, etc.