Konami Pokies

Konami slots offers a wide range of exciting games for those who are new to pokies or for people who are just looking for new pokies to play. Everything from the graphics, music, and unique themes will keep you hooked. Enjoy playing various pokies free online from Konami.

Konami has been around for decades, developing video games for consoles like the Nintendo SNES and Sony PlayStation. With their expertise in creating exciting games, Konami pokies lovers would blast playing their various online slot creations.

Free Konami Pokies

Konami offers a bunch of free pokies you can play online. They offer unique themes, exhilarating gameplay, and more importantly — they will provide you with hours of entertainment. You should check out Konami free slots to pass time if you are bored.

🎮 Konami pokies50+
🏆 best pokiesGypsy Fire, Imperial Wealth, Jumpin Jalapenos
🤑 top jackpot slotsDragons Law, Chilli Chilli Fire
🕹️ casino gamesslot machines

Play popular Microgaming pokies for free in Australia. Their free games are very enjoyable, without risk of losing real money. They still provide the excitement you are looking for when playing any free slots by Konami.

  • Dragon’s Law is an online slot game with reels and symbols surrounded by golden dragons — giving it an awesome look. Some of the symbols come in the form of lucky pigs, coins, turtles, and more. Each of these comes with some of biggest wins in any online slot game. This Asian-influenced five-reel and 30-payline format machine are entertaining.
  • China Mystery slot machine game by Konami is one of their best free-to-play options. Uncover the mysteries of China as you enjoy winning on one of its 30 paylines. Aside from enjoying the game’s content, you will appreciate the trip through China. If you are in for a game with many scatters and free spins — this slot machine is a good option for you.
  • Great Guardians. Coming up with another Asian-inspired slot machine, Konami did an awesome job with themes, graphics, and characters of Great Guardians. It features cool characters, different elements, pleasing colors, and different seasons as you play. One of its best features is the mythological characters you will encounter along the way.
  • Lotus Land 5-reel slot game from Konami is your free ticket to India, home of Indian Lotus. It features a bunch of scattered lotuses that will land up to 20 free spins. It also has wild symbols you will encounter after playing for a while. These wild symbols will provide you with multiplier bonuses to get hooked on winning. If you are interested in seeing India’s most sacred temples without leaving your seat — this game is your best bet.
  • Heart of Romance free game from Konami is quite different from the ones we mentioned above. Instead of east Asian and Indian themes, this game is for our hopeful romantics who are also hopeful of winning big! Konami may not be big with their loved-theme games, but this free slot machine shows Konami’s versatility.

Best Konami Games Online

If you love the free games we showed, you will have a blast playing Konami’s best online slot machines. Free WMS pokies to try online without downloading are represented on our site. These pokies offer a wide variety of themes with many ways to win. If you are a serious online player — you will find these games entertaining. Online versions of Playtech free slots gives you an opportunity to try demo before playing for real money. Once you get a chance to try these games out, you wouldn’t notice the time that passed because of the fun experience. 

  • China Shores. Many people feel that Konami’s China Shores is a hard game. A little risk can pay off if you have deep pockets. It will be worth it if you can last playing this game. It is a 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine that features Chinese symbols: lanterns, gold tortoises, urns, gold, and other common poker card hands. The graphics may be basic, but winning patterns and scatters will keep you on edge of your seat. It features the panda as its wild symbol and yin yang as a bonus symbol, which will spew out a ton of bonuses if you are patient enough.
  • Chili Chili Fire will spice up your playing time with exciting symbol placements and action stacked symbols. It is one of Konami’s best creations that features cool mechanics and more ways to win. It is a 5×3 game with 30 paylines. Graphics feature a small village with a beautiful bride as the special symbol and groom as a wild symbol for free spins. It is widely entertaining and deserving of its name because of its hot winning streaks.
  • Destiny of Athena. If you are bored with other pokies’ usual graphics and themes, this Konami is an excellent alternative. It features 30 paylines and 5 reels jam-packed with high-paying symbols. Bonus elements are quite intriguing as it features symbols from Ancient Greek History. To win big, this slot game is for you. All you need to do is wait and try your luck until you encounter the Goddess Athena herself for rewards with highest value.
  • Gypsy Fire is another fantastic Konami creation that features 5 reels and 30 fixed paylines. If you like playing for entertainment, this game features stunning graphics and a high number of scatters that could trigger up to 20 free spins. With more chances of winning, getting a higher payout is above the roof.
  • Jumpin Jalapeños is another Mexican-inspired slot machine game from Konami. And its name is very accurate because of its very hot winning streaks for players who want to try their luck. The graphics feature a very authentic Mexican jalapeño eating contest, where the more you come across means, higher payout. As you encounter the bonus symbols and wild cards, you can gather a lot of free spins to get more bonus symbols to win serious coins.

Where Can I Play Konami Slot Machines for Real Money?

You cannot play and win with real money if you download the mobile apps. Try real pokies online and get different promotions from casinos after registration. But because these games are really fun to play, especially with real money, there are other sources and websites to play the game with real money. They are perfectly fine playing without money, but sometimes people prefer experiencing the real risk and authentic excitement of winning. 

To play with real money, you can visit online casino sites that allow you to play popular Konami games mentioned above. But if you think these slots will be easy to find, it’s not.

Instead of downloading these apps directly on your Android or iOS device, you need to play them through specific websites to play and win using real money. 

If you live in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Michigan — you can legally play these Konami slots online with real money. Because of their popularity, you can expect to play these games with real money in more places in the United States real soon. 

Konami recently obtained licenses to manufacture real-life gaming machines in Las Vegas to enjoy playing their machines in real live action if you ever get a chance to visit Las Vegas Casinos. You can also play their games in other countries due to their growing distribution. Here are the countries where Konami has the license to sell their machines:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa 
  • Philippines

If you live far away from these mentioned countries, the online casino laws in Australia and Canada are a little more relaxed when it comes to playing Konami pokies. They obtained partnerships with Australia and Canada’s online gaming associations and casinos, allowing them to play their virtual machines through the following websites:

  • Super Slots
  • Las Atlantis
  • Wild Casino 
  • Bovada Casino

The legality of playing these games through these websites varies on which city and country you live. And if that is the case, it is always better to follow the state laws regarding online gambling with real money. Using a VPN may work, but it is still illegal if you are not in the region.

If you are playing with real money online in one of these countries, you can expect a no deposit bonus, tons of free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, and scatter symbols — which is the same if you play it for free. Only difference is that you are risking real money. 

Features of Konami Pokie Machines

Because Konami has been developing games for decades, it is no surprise that Konami pokies online are super exciting to play. The developers at the company understand what gets players hooked on games. They used that formula to significantly create more exciting pokies for fans and non-fans of online casino pokies.  

Although Konami pokies have various themes, the features that attract people to play their games are similar throughout their gaming catalog. Here are some features to expect if you try Konami slot machines. 

  • Arcade game feel. Konami was one of the top arcade game developers from 90s to the 2000s. And with that in mind, you would expect their slot machines to follow the same theme as their popular games — but with different gameplay. This includes the sound effects that sound like they were taken straight out of classic Konami arcade games.
  • Action-packed symbols. What makes Konami free slots play is their creativity when it comes to symbols. Almost every Konami game features different symbols depending on the theme, which decreases repetition, generating more excitement for new players.
  • High-quality gameplay. Konami pays a lot of attention to their research when developing these games because of how smooth games run on any device — whether you are playing on a mobile device, PC, or one of their physical machines.
  • Balance of bonuses scatters, and wild symbols. Some slots will give you a hard time before you get lucky with bonuses. Konami slot games’ algorithm does an excellent job of balancing winning and losing streaks. This enables players to rely on their luck and develop strategic betting patterns to maximize their winnings. In addition, reels on each side mirror each other to make winning a straight line of five symbols easier.

Konami Slots Free Play on Mobile

Just a couple of years ago, you wouldn’t expect online slot machines to become as popular as it is now. And with that in mind, Konami did an excellent job of adapting to the future of slot machines. 

Their mobile game interface looks nice and runs smoothly. You can tell that their software engineers took their time to perfect every line of code with only a few bugs that they can always fix immediately with every update. 

By following the industry’s latest trends, including mobile gaming — Konami free slots app are now compatible with Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices. You can quickly play the game without registering if you decide to play it on mobile. 

To play games using real money, you can simply open your PC, Mac, or even your smartphone browser and go to your favorite online casinos to start playing. 


From Konami pokie games, they are bound to get the recognition they deserve. Winning awards in this industry are not as easy as you think — especially with thousands of competitors. But being a well-known household name in the gaming industry and with years of experience developing games, Konami has created award-winning games. Here is a list of some of awards they gathered throughout year:

  • 2017 — Konami won an award for “Best Slot Machine Concept” at the BEGE’s 10th-anniversary awards.
  • 2019 — Two years later, Konami won 3 awards at Casino Journal’s Annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards because of their video slot cabinet, opus cabinet, and SYNK Vision biometric player tracking solution.  
  • 2021 — Konami won 20th slot for Best Slot Product at the Annual Global Gaming Business Gaming and Technology Awards. 


If you were wondering about Konami’s history and experience in gaming and game-developing history, this timeline would show you everything you need to know. Konami has done a lot in the gaming business and will continue to do more as the years pass. 

With classic titles like Frogger, Castlevania, Contra, Rocky, African Treasure, and Pro Evolution Soccer under their belt, who knows how many more exciting pokies they will come up with next. Here is a timeline of what the company has been up to since 1969. 

  • 1969. Before the shift to becoming a game developing company, Konami started as a Jukebox rental and repair company in Osaka, Japan. It’s quite surprising that they will later develop video games since Jukeboxes are nowhere near what they are doing now — except for the similarity between Jukeboxes and arcade machines.
  • 1973. Because of the similarity between Jukeboxes and arcade machine cabinets, they decided to go with current trends and create arcade machine cabinets.
  • 1978. Konami made history and created their first-ever coin-operated games, including Block Game and Space King.
  • 1981. Because of the successful release of their first games, Konami decided to create more games, including the classics like Frogger, Scrambler, and Super Cobra.
  • 1982. From Japan, Konami expanded and reached America and converted to games so people could play them on consoles like the Atari 2600.
  • 2000. Konami expanded and offered games to companies like Nintendo, with more consoles coming out.
  • 2005. Konami expanded and shifted to the gambling industry.
  • 2020. Konami started to facilitate e-sports, offering training and holding competitions.
  • 2021. Konami has become a household name in the casino industry, including online and mobile casino apps — making their games more accessible to anyone with a mobile device or computer.
FAQ Konami Pokies
Which Konami pokie has the highest payout?
China Mystery delivers the highest payout, enabling players to win a jackpot of up to 63.000 coins. Because you can bet up to $300 for each spin, you get a higher chance of winning more money with every round.
When was the Konami Australia department founded?
Konami Australia Pty Ltd was established in January 1997.
What are Konami’s latest releases in 2022?
Konami just announced an anticipated release of their new slot cabinet, called the All Dimension. They also announced new games: Lucky envelope, BattleBots slots, etc.
Is it safe to play Konami pokies for real money?
Yes, it is safe to play Konami pokies with real money. But you need to make sure you are playing where it is legal and only play on trustworthy and secured sights, especially if you need to input financial information and link credit cards.
What is the best Konami slots game on iOS?
Best Konami casino slot game for your iOS device is My Konami Slots. It features many Konami slot machines all in one app.
Do I need to make a deposit to play Konami pokies with real money?
You don’t need to deposit money when playing Konami pokies with real money. It is not legal in most countries.