Microgaming Pokies

Microgaming is an established platform in the online casino world. It is a pioneer in creating pokies and has an established reputation for championing the rise of similar platforms. Despite being around for years, this platform has continued to maintain dominance, and almost every online game platform globally features a significant number of its games. Play pokies free anywhere on your mobile with no download and registration.

Microgaming currently has more than 850 games/products to enhance players’ experience. This provider also has its own established casinos that feature only its products. Microgaming was established on The Isle of Man, United Kingdom island, and has grown globally. It has a strong following in the United States and Australia and is considered one of the most secure platforms as it uses advanced encryption technology.

Online Pokies Microgaming

Microgaming offers players many excellent services and products that make it stand out among its competitors. The platform’s early emergence as a significant pokies provider has made it a platform with one the highest number of games. Here are the list of the best online pokies real money with the most profitable casinos. It is essential to understand that Microgaming is not entirely perfect as there are some minor flaws that it comes with. See the pros and cons of the Microgaming online pokies.


  • More than 850 free Microgaming slots online are available.
  • The provider has its powered casinos.
  • It has many progressive jackpot games.
  • Bright, exciting Microgaming pokies themes.


  • Delays in responding to customers’ inquiries.

Microgaming Free Play

Microgaming was initially established to bring casino enthusiasts game and gambling experiences they would have only gotten when they visited a land-based physical casino. Play the best free Konami pokies with reviews online.  Company has continued to maintain this mission and, in recent times, now offers Microgaming free pokies and games. If you look for exciting entertainment, Playtech pokies online is what you need. Currently, there are several slots of demos that you can access without paying to play. Demo slot Microgaming helps players get a feel of a particular variation to determine if they want to spend money playing or not.

Demo games offer just as much fun as real money options. Check out WMS pokies online and try them for fun or for real money. The former does not require money and cannot win cash. There are several Microgaming free slots currently available to players. Some will be in this section.

  • Avalon is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines created by the game provider Microgaming. It has the Arthurian Legend adventurous theme. This game has free spins, bonus features, scatter symbols, wilds, and an RTP of 96.01%. Avalon has no jackpot, but players can get a maximum payout worth 420,000 multiplied by their bet.
  • Thunderstruck is a 5 reel slot with 9 pay lines and has an ancient civilization theme featuring the Nordic god of thunder, lightning, and storm Thor. This game has to scatter symbols, free spins, and an RTP of 96.1%. Thunderstruck has no jackpot but offers players a maximum payout of 50,000.
  • Reel Gems Microgaming is a 5 reel slot with 243 paylines. It has a bling diamond theme with clear and crisp visuals. This game has free spins, respin feature, wilds, scatter symbols, bonus features, and an RTP of 97.49%. Reel Gems has a standard jackpot that offers players a chance to win 4000.

Best Microgaming Slots

There are more than 500 pokies currently in Microgaming, with its table games making the portfolio number longer. Among these many variations are some that stand out and are globally accepted. Best Microgaming online slots have high-end qualities that make most options in the casino space mediocre. Everything about these options stands out. The Return to Players are amazing and rank from 96% and above. Also, features like paytables, winning combination, volatility, and in-bonus games make them stand out.

This section will consider a number of best Microgaming pokies options so that players can select them to have fun and excellent experiences.

  • Kings of Cash is a 5 reel slot with 15 paylines designed by the game provider Microgaming. It has a classic style theme that features a pack of cards with 4 suited Kings. The game features scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and an RTP of 96.60%. King of Cash has a standard jackpot with a maximum payout of 75,000.
  • Immortal Romance Microgaming is a 5 reels slot with 243 paylines. It has a vampire bloodsucker theme that features a mysterious, romantic tale between some vampires. The game features substitution symbols, achievements, free spins, multiplier, free spin multiplier, wilds, scatter symbols, random wild/additional wilds, and an RTP of 96.86%. Immortal Romance does not have a jackpot, but the maximum payout is 3,645,000 coins.
  • Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a 5 reel slot with 10 pay lines designed by the game provider Microgaming. It has a Greek mythology theme featuring an adventure on Mount Olympus. The game features wilds, bonuses, multipliers, free spins, rolling reels, and an RTP of 96.02%. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus offers players a maximum payout worth 1,399.3 multiplied by their birth and a mega jackpot.

New Microgaming Slots

Microgaming has continued to offer users many options as long as far as diversified games are concerned. Almost every year, the platform releases an average of 10 pokies so that players can easily find those that work better for them. The great thing about new Microgaming pokies is that they stand out easily, with many successes.

In 2020 and 2021, players could get a feel of many new uploads, and 2022 has not been different. There have been new releases this year, and they come with many unique qualities that make them extremely exciting and enjoyable. Their volatiles are average. Below are some names of top new Microgaming slots to play:

  • Mega Moolah Lucky Bells is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines released in July 2022 and has a classic fruit theme in a Las Vegas setting, showcasing many LED lights. The game features wilds, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and an RTP of 92.0 6%. Mega Moolah Lucky Bells has a progressive jackpot.
  • Wild Link Cleopatra is a 5 reel slot with 243 paylines created by the game provider Microgaming. It was released in May 2022 and had an ancient civilization theme with a decent visual. The game features free spins, wilds, scatter symbols, multiplier, cash collector, reel set changing, and an RTP of 96.37%. Wild Link Cleopatra has a progressive jackpot.
  • Sonic Link is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines created by the game provider Microgaming. It was released in June 2022 and had a classic style theme with bright and colorful graphics with a futuristic sound effect. The game features free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols, bonus features, and an RTP of 96.06%. Sonic Link comes with a progressive jackpot.
  • Magical Reels is a 5 reels slot with 20 pay lines created by the game provider Microgaming. It was released in March 2022 and had a magical theme that was designed decently. The game features free spins, multiplier, wild scatter symbols, additional free spins, symbols swap, level up, and an RTP of 96.15%.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpots

This provider offers many options to users, so they can have as much fun as they desire with increased chances of landing big wins. One of these great options is the offer of Microgaming progressive slots. This platform has many specifically designed pokies that offer players progressive jackpot options that they can play to hit big.

A progressive jackpot game is a variation that gives players that patronize it a fair random opportunity to hit an ever-increasing jackpot. The jackpot prize is never fixed, and when it drops for a player, the win is mostly in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Below are some of the major Microgaming progressive jackpots options.

  • Mega Moolah Microgaming is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines designed with an adventurous wildlife safari theme around African Plains. The game features free spins multiplier, free spins, wilds, scatter symbols, and an RTP of 82.12%. Mega Moolah has four progressive jackpots where players can win millions.
  • Lucky Leprechaun slot is a 5 reel pokie with 20 pay lines designed with an Irish mystical fortune theme around a mountain grass field. This game has wilds, stack, free spins, multiplier, free spin multiplier, bonus symbols, scatter symbols, bonus game, and an RTP of 96.33%. Lucky Leprechaun has a standard jackpot type where players can win 100,000.
  • Major Millions progressive jackpot is a 5 reel slot with 15 pay lines designed by Microgaming with a war theme. The game features wilds, scatter symbols, and an RTP of 89.37%. Mega Millions has a progressive jackpot that enables players to win several million.
  • Asian Beauty is a 5 reel slot with 243 paylines with an RTP of 96.4%. Its regular progressive jackpot has rewarded many players over the years. Asian Beauty has a standard type of jackpot, and players can win 9000 coins.

Best Paying Microgaming Slots 

The majority of slots players will find in Microgaming are designed for real money wagering. You can play any game you want if you feel it will help improve your winning chance. All paying Microgaming pokies have their unique offers, all beneficial. A player must have a significant aim when choosing a payout game to play to ensure its paytables are excellent. Paytables determine the winning combination and let players know whether its symbols give enough wins to risk their money playing. That being said, here are some best paying Microgaming slots available to players.

  • Terminator 2 Microgaming is a 5 reels slot with 243 pay lines designed with the Terminator 2 Judgment Day movie themes featuring John and his mother, Sarah Connor. This movie is the inspiration for Microgaming designing the slot that has become a hit. This game has free spins, bonus features, scatter symbols and an RTP of 96.62%. Terminator 2 has a standard jackpot with a maximum payout of 88,000.
  • Jurassic Park is a 5 reels slot with 243 pay lines designed by the game provider Microgaming. It has the Jurassic Park movie theme with so much thrill and excitement. The game features free spins, wilds, scatter symbols, multiplier, mystery multiplier, split wilds, running wilds, and an RTP of 96.67%. Jurassic Park Microgaming does not have a jackpot, but it offers players a maximum payout worth 6,333 multiplied by their bet.
  • Wacky Panda is a 3 reels slot with a single pay line designed with an Asian Panda theme and cutesy cartoons. These pokies graphics are high-end, and so are its features comprising free spins, scatter symbols, wilds, bonus games, and an RTP of 96.00%. Wacky Panda Microgaming has a standard jackpot with a maximum payout worth 3,333 multiplied by the player’s bet.

Developer Features

Microgaming is an easy-to-use provider. It provides its services to many platforms and ensures that its games are great. Online pokies Microgaming bonuses are excellent. It also offers some casino leverage to give players certain free spins that they can use to wager and win real money. There are different options that players can go for when enjoying this game.

Microgaming has some advanced integration that is available with SoftGamings. Microgaming works with third parties to provide users with quickfire games and progressive jackpot slots.The development system is updated to find its new contents in its affiliated casinos.

How to Win Big Playing Microgaming Slots?

Microgaming slot games are some of the most played globally. Stories of casino enthusiasts that patronize these games have been sweet and risky. Many players usually wager Microgaming slots online the same way as they do others. The general result of making such a move is often not satisfying. The good thing is that there are ways players can wager and increase their chances of winning Microgaming online pokies.

  • Higher Stakes Ensure That Odds of Victory Are Improved and Doubled. You should always opt for higher odds as they are much more profitable when they eventually trigger a win. You will need to choose high volatility real money Microgaming slots if you want to go for this option because that is the only way you can be assured of significant returns anytime you hit a win.
  • Slot Wagering. Choosing the right slot is another significant factor. You may not be thinking of hitting a big jackpot when you wager, so the first tip may not work. You have to be able to determine the kind of pokies that you want and choose them accordingly. If you prefer low volatility, high RTPs, and rewarding paytables, the best option will be to opt for games that offer such.
  • Find Out How to Use Bonus Features. Bonus features can be beneficial when it comes to pokies wagering, so you have to go for games that offer lots of them. That will save you spending more money while you still get a better opportunity to get wins.
  • Choose The Strategy for A Certain Microgaming Slot Machine. Microgaming slot machines come with different strategies, and as such, you have to select the one you want. You can set limits and bet on specific paylines instead of going for all.
  • Play Microgaming slots for fun. While real money slots are great when you win, it can be saddening when you lose. This is why players need to go for a Microgaming slot demo when they want to play. This option helps them as a test to know if it is worth it or not.


Microgaming has a very vast history and is a legendary provider due to how it resonates with larger casino enthusiasts. Microgaming is credited with being the first online casino operator and has since continued to lead the way. These sections will consider all major landmarks and the history of this casino so that players have an idea of the platform.

  • 1994 — Microgaming was founded this year and created the first-ever online casino
  • 1995 —  Microgaming commences operation as a game designer
  • 1998 — Microgaming designed and launched Cash Splash, its ever first pokies
  • 2004 — Microgaming creates its very first casino for mobile (mobile casino)
  • 2005 — Microgaming cobranded the first video pokies; Tomb Raider
  • 2008 — Microgaming releases its most successful and record-breaking pokies, the Mega Moolah game.
  • 2008 — Megah Moolah gifted a player $5,500,000; one of the biggest jackpot drops in Microgaming history
  • 2014 — Microgaming leads the stage by developing the first wearable device adaptable mobile casino
  • 2018 — Megah Moolah again released a fantastic progressive Jackpot of 18,915,872.81 million euros. The win entered and has remained in the Guinness World Record Book.
  • 2018 — Triple Edge Studios agreed to partner with Microgaming, making it the first Independent studio to achieve the association agreement.
  • 2019— Microgaming penetrated the Swedish Market
  • 2020 — Microgaming initiated and released the Wowpot Jackpot series that promised amazing wins.
  • 2020 — The provider added the Absolootly Mad Slot Pokies to the Mega Moolah Progressive jackpot games
  • 2020 — Microgaming earned the ISO 14001 certification after completing its audit.
FAQ Microgaming Pokies
Where can I see jackpots winning Microgaming pokies?
Microgaming has several progressive jackpot slots, including Asian Beauty, Mega Millions, Mega Moolah, and Lucky Leprechaun.
What are the classic (3 reels) slots of Microgaming software?
The classic 3 reels slot are so named because they are the first generation sets of panels and have limited paylines. They have low volatility. Some Microgaming 3 reels slots include Cash Crazy, Bar bar black Sheep, and Break the Bar.
What is the biggest win in online pokies Microgaming?
Mega Moolah awarded a player 18,915,872.81 million euros, and this had remained the biggest win to date.
What are the best casinos with Microgaming slot games?
Several casinos offer Microgaming pokies. Top names include Slothunter Casino, PlayAmo Casino, and Grand Mondial Casino.
Why are Microgaming pokies so popular all over the world? What are the reasons for leading in game development?
Microgaming has remained popular globally and is the number one platform because of its fantastic innovation. It was the first provider to create a casino and now has many of these globally. It is also very innovative and introduced video games to the public.