Live Baccarat
Users can enjoy multiple views of live online Baccarat Australia table and the dealer while interacting with other virtual players. Please read this article on gameplay, its features, rules, pros, cons, and tips to help consecutive land wins while playing this fun and exciting game online.
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Live Baccarat Australia

Technological advancements have allowed casino players in Australia to enjoy Live Baccarat online. This gaming option is possible for using mobile devices or desktops to play online. Live casinos promise you fun and immersive gameplay broadcast directly from its software developer’s studio.

What is Live Baccarat Basic Rules?

There are multiple variations of live dealer Baccarat game, each offering tweaks to its general rules. But, certain rules apply to most variations, and you are better off learning them.

  • Its gameplay requires eight card decks.
  • Users can bet on three possible winning outcomes; player, banker, and tie.
  • The highest possible score in this game is nine, and the hand with the closest to nine wins it.
  • A total of eight or nine is called a natural.
  • All cards numbered 2-9 keep their face value, while face cards have a zero value and aces have one point.
  • If the hand total sums up to a number greater than nine, the dealer drops its first digit, and the total automatically becomes its second digit value.
  • A total of zero is called baccarat.
  • The player’s hand always stands on totals of six or seven.
  • After its two initial cards are dealt, the player’s hand must draw an additional card if its total is less than five.

Live Baccarat Online Australia: Advantages & Disadvantages

Like every other online casino gaming option, online Baccarat live dealer has pros and cons. Before jumping into its gameplay, here are factors most users consider as benefits and drawbacks.


  • Straightforward rules: Rules are simplistic and easy to follow, meaning that players can jump right into them without spending any time learning rules and gameplay.
  • Low casino edge: This game offers more winning chances and a lower chance of losing money (low house edge), so users, especially risk-averse ones, can spend more time and less money playing.
  • Play against real dealers: Live Baccarat offers an experience closest to Las Vegas casino gaming. You can enjoy its streamed gameplay while watching dealers shuffle and deal out cards and take bets.
  • Pick your preferred dealer: Top online casinos offer various open tables for live casino gaming. It is possible to pick the variant and dealer you want from its live casino game lobby.
  • Watch the action in real-time: Get a front-row seat, and watch this game unfold with this fun option that offers impressive views of its game table and dealer’s actions.


  • The game pace may be too fast: Unlike automated RNG Baccarat, which allows picking the pace of this game and placing bets accordingly, its live version moves according to the dealer’s speed.
  • Seats are not always available: Due to its simplistic and easy-to-follow gameplay, it is highly sought-after by users, so you may not find an open seat to play this game quickly.
  • Betting limits are higher: The limits for Live Baccarat games are typically high and may not be well suited to beginners and risk-averse players.

How to Play Live Baccarat Online

The Baccarat gameplay is fun and follows a simplistic order. Users must predict its outcome and place bets on either two hands (banker or player) or a tie. This game outcome and bets placed are used to determine winners and payouts. Are you ready? Here are steps to follow;

  • Pick a Baccarat Live game. To start, select a Live Baccarat table. Sign in to your account and head to the game lobby; select the live table category and pick it. Most sites offer multiple casino Baccarat live variants, so ensure you read its rules/paytable before start playing.
  • The dealer deals the cards. To begin, its dealer deals with two hands, a banker and a player. Its cards are dropped face down in its two designated game areas, one at a time; first for players, then the banker.
  • Set your wagers. Predicting its outcome and placing corresponding bets toward those results is possible. There are three main options; banker, player, and tie, and players can also place side bets for more excitement. Beginners are better off betting on the banker’s hand as it has more winning chances.
  • The Live Baccarat game online commences. The hand plays out, and the dealer turns the cards up, one at a time, starting with the player’s hand. It is calculated first, and nine (natural) or eight on any hand ends this game. If there is no such total and the player’s hand has a total of less than six, they must draw an additional card.
  • Winnings are allocated. The initial (highest) total of nine or eight wins its round, or the total closest to nine following all possible hands wins this Baccarat game.

Live Baccarat Online Free Play

Reputable live dealer Baccarat online casino Australia provides free games for players/beginners who wish to familiarize themselves with its gameplay. It is typically impossible to try it online for free because this game is expensive to stream; users can try their hands at its automated version for free before playing this live game. Here are steps of Live Baccarat free play:

  • Pick your preferred gaming site. Select a reliable online casino site to play Baccarat. For free gameplay, you should not be required to create an account.
  • Select a game category. Head to the casino game lobby and visit the tab for table games. Users can also choose its filter option to find a table.
  • Pick your preferred Live Baccarat online free play title. Select your preferred game to get started. You would find multiple options to pick from on its site.
  • Select the free gameplay option. Select free gameplay to try it without making an investment or depositing any money to fund your casino bankroll.
  • Have fun! Check its paytable/rules of the Baccarat variant you pick, and have fun predicting outcomes and placing bets.

Real Money Live Baccarat

Are you ready to win money and withdraw your winnings to your bank account? Playing real money online is easy; players only need to follow a few steps to get started. Check them out;

  1. Create a casino account and log in. First, select live dealer Baccarat online casino Australia. Pick a legit/licensed casino site with a good reputation, generous bonuses, and quick payout times.
  2. Fund your Baccarat live casino bankroll. It is possible to make deposits to fund your casino bankroll using any payment options available on its online gambling site.
  3. Visit the game lobby. Head to the live casino or table game section to find a game. You can also easily filter your choices using its search option.
  4. Pick Live Baccarat. Top online casino Live Baccarat real money sites offer various options for players. You can pick any fun Live Baccarat variant available on its site to start.
  5. Start the game and have fun. Pick a table, read through the paytable to confirm its game odds, and start playing. Use tips/strategies to get a better chance at winning its gameplay.

Odds of Live Dealer Baccarat

There are many reasons why users play Live Baccarat online, and one main reason is the odds it offers. This variant gives a high chance of winning after betting on exciting gameplay. They depend on a player’s betting option while playing this game. Here are its odds and payouts when betting on it online.

  • Banker’s Hand: This pays an even money bet of 1:1 (95% of your wager).
  • Player’s Hand: This pays an even money bet of 1:1 (100% of your wager).
  • Tie: This pays with odds of 10:1.

Side Bets

Get some more action in the Baccarat gameplay with your side bets. Although these betting options offer high payouts, their hit frequency is low, meaning users will lose more than they will win. Here are its side bets and everything you need to know about play Baccarat online live;

  • Pairs: online live dealer Baccarat is possible to place a bet on the wager that either the banker or player has a suited pair for a maximum payout of 25:1.
  • Big/Small: You can stake on total cards to be dealt during gameplay for a maximum payout of 1:5:1. For its small bet, you have four, while its big bet is five or six cards.
  • Bonus or Dragon Bonus: Bet on the difference between its winning points of both hands for a payout that increases based on how large this difference is, up to a maximum of 30:1.
  • Sum Bonus: Bet on the card total from all cards for a payout that increases the higher its number is, up to a maximum of 50:1.
  • Tie Bonus: Get a maximum payout of 50:1 for up to six card ties with fixed totals.
  • Egalite Bonus: Bet how many cards the two hands will have a tie on for a maximum payout of 220:1 when its total is 2.
  • Lucky 6: This side bet is specific to No Commission Baccarat and pays if the sum of the hand is six.

Tips & Tricks to Win

The Live Baccarat game online is easy to play with simplified rules that beginners can understand quickly. But winning this game may require some tips and tricks. Follow these for a better chance at consecutive wins.

  1. Confirm the probability odds: Game odds differ based on the Live Baccarat game you decide to try. Check odds that are particular to the variant you are playing.
  2. Place bets on the banker’s hand: The banker’s hand offers a lower payout but a higher chance of winning. Players not used to its gameplay and predictions can start by betting on this option.
  3. Avoid bets on a tie: The tie might seem a great option. But it hardly hits. Avoid this option as much as possible and stick to betting on its player’s or bankers’ hands.
  4. Don’t play the live zero commission online live dealer Baccarat variant: Beginners to Live Baccarat should stick to other variants till they get better at its gameplay first.
  5. Take advantage of bonuses: Top Live Baccarat casino sites offer various bonuses, including welcome packages and reload offers. Use these bonuses to boost your bankroll and play games.
  6. Use betting strategies tailored to live Baccarat: It has multiple strategies/systems, but some are tailored to Live Baccarat. Find the best strategy to fit this game.
  7. Don’t pay attention to patterns, trends, and roadmaps: There is no real correlation between your Live Baccarat gameplay, so avoid trying to strategize and learn rules.
  8. Play variants that use few card decks for better game odds: The card decks required for gameplay depend on the specific Live Baccarat game you are playing. Stick to variants that use fewer card decks for better odds/winning chances.
  9. Confirm the rules of the live online Baccarat Australia variant: Even if you have mastered the rules of its traditional gameplay, it is necessary to confirm rules specific to the particular variant before beginning.
  10. Know when to take a break: Losing is a given with online casino games, and some players keep at it even when they are on a losing streak. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break to reacclimate and come back stronger.

Live Baccarat Games for Mobile

Mobile gaming is a favorite among online players because of its convenience. You can enjoy playing on the go using your preferred mobile device. Mobile casinos allow trying fun Live Baccarat games using different options. Depending on the casino, it is possible to use your mobile browser or a downloadable casino app. Play at a good site optimized for mobile gaming to avoid lags and poor response times. This is a critical feature for Live Baccarat dealer, and players should take note of that.

Can I legally play Live Baccarat in Australia?
There are no rules restricting Australians from playing games online; ensure the casino you choose is fully licensed by a reputable gambling authority.
What are my chances of winning?
Your chances of winning a Live Baccarat game depend on the house edge of the variant you are playing. Players should stick to variants with lower house edges.
What are the popular options?
There are multiple live baccarat options for players, including squeeze, control squeeze, speed baccarat, and no-commission baccarat.
Are there any downloadable Live Baccarat apps?
Yes, there are mobile applications that players can download/play on their mobile devices.
Which has higher odds, Live Baccarat or the online RNG version?
The odds of winning this live gameplay are lower than its online version, so beginners and risk-averse players should stick to its RNG game version.
Which are the top developers?
Players can enjoy exciting Live Baccarat games from top developers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech.
Can I play Baccarat online live free and win real money?
You can take advantage of a casino bonus to enjoy free gameplay on fun without making a deposit. Look for top casinos that reward newbies with generous welcome bonuses.
Where can I play real money Live Baccarat online Australia?
Multiple Live Baccarat online casino offer real money gameplay for Australians. You can find the top sites using our recommendation list.
Which Live Baccarat variant is best for new players?
Newbies should stick to the classic live game that follows its basic rules before trying out the gameplay on other fun variations.
Are the gameplay rules for Live Baccarat easy to learn and understand?
The online Baccarat live dealer is simple and has rules that are easy to follow. Players can learn and master this game while trying its free or demo version.