Live Blackjack
Live dealer Blackjack Australia uses cards and chips, unlike slots that use mathematical algorithms to determine wins and losses. Live Blackjack works like a webcam connection. That's why a stable internet is always needed throughout this game, based on the real-time video feed.

Live Blackjack Australia

Live dealer Blackjack is an innovative way of conducting games used by online casinos. After selecting a table from a list of available tables and dealers, you will be redirected to a live video feed of a real Blackjack dealer. The dealer itself sits in a real, land-based studio, and he’s equipped with a microphone. He sits directly across the table from the player, with the camera being this player’s point of view. All players are shown an online interface with which they can interact, adding or subtracting chips from their bet. Everything players do has an impact on the real game.

Live Blackjack Rules

In Live Blackjack, there are a couple of rules to be followed. These rules perfectly match the rules of live variants because they’re played similarly. They are:

  1. The Live Casino offers multiple betting amounts. Each game incorporates 8 decks of 52 cards, shuffled randomly into a shoe and reshuffled after a certain period.
  2. Every active participant in each game receives two face-up cards. Its dealer receives 1 card face-up/face-down. The dealer plays Blackjack while players play until they stand or bust.
  3. If the dealer has an ace as his face-up card, participants can buy insurance. Insurance pays out twice the amount its dealer hits a Blackjack. When players hit it, they are paid out 1.5x the amount of their bet.
  4. If the dealer has face-up cards that add up to 17 or more, he has to stand (not take any more cards). That includes a “soft 17”, a hand containing an ace. An ace can have a value of 1 or 11.
  5. With this game going forward, new options emerge. If players have two cards in their hand, they can “double down”. This results in the original betting size being doubled at the cost of standing on the next card player’s hit.
  6. Any hand that is a pair (two kings, two queens, two sevens) can be split in Live Blackjack games, creating a second wager of the same size. Each hand can receive only one additional card if the player splits aces. One player can only split one hand at a time, resulting in 2 individual hands.

How to Play Live Blackjack

Many experienced gamblers will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Live Blackjack is played the same way as the original. Rules and odds stay the same, except your choices are made through a computer instead of at the table. Here are some basic steps on how to play:

  1. Begin by creating a bet. Virtual Casinos offer many betting sizes. Usually, bets are shown in the form of chips with different values. Add chips to each other to increase its betting size, and click on a stack to make it smaller.
  2. Put one card face up. Online Blackjack dealer will begin with receiving 1 card face up. This is your starting hand; use its value to determine the next move.
  3. Game starts on the dealer’s left — normal games are conducted in a specific order. If users stand to the dealer’s left and the game goes anti-clockwise, they will be the first to choose.
  4. More cards. It is possible to get a second card. This will complete your hand and allow doing various things with cards: splitting, doubling, standing, or hitting.
  5. Count your value. Count the total value of both cards. Determine whether it’s big enough to stand, whether it’s good for hitting one more, etc.
  6. Grand win. Online Blackjack real dealer in the unlucky scenario of hitting a 21 total card value, congratulations! You’ve gotten a Blackjack, which results in an automatic win.
  7. Game continuation. In any other scenario, if deciding to hit, you’ll be given more and more cards, either until deciding to stand, hit a Blackjack, or bust (go over 21)
  8. Try splitting your cards. One of the other options is to split your hand into two. This is done when it is composed of two identical cards and might result in a doubling win.
  9. Hope for a win. The player is victorious when he hits a Blackjack, hits a bigger value than the dealer, or when the dealer busts. Money is given to all winners, and another game begins.

Control Panel

This part of online Live Blackjack separates it from the original one. Unlike its classic, it gives access to an online control panel. This panel comprises various parts, each giving a different option or a feature to help set the game up. Getting to know this panel will help players adapt to the dynamic nature of this game and make them more confident in their decisions. It’s composed of:

  • Autoplay. In most Blackjack tables, there’s an option to enable auto play. Clicking this option will make you play a set amount of games automatically, one after another. It keeps every other option: betting sizes and hands and plays all tables.
  • Video and Audio. Mostly cosmetical; these allow to increase or decrease volume, video graphics or change the track currently playing.
  • Play multiple tables at once. This option allows playing multiple hands simultaneously with the same betting site.
  • Bet behind the feature. Bet behind refers to an option of betting on other players’ hands- whether they win or not. It can help users get some extra action while waiting for their table to start.
  • Live chat. As the real Live Blackjack is done via live streams, a live chat appears in real-time. Participants, as well as inactive players, can comment on games or talk to each other. Users can turn it on or off at any time.
  • Access to Banking. Quality of Life feature that allows players to access their payment options right from the table. This allows them to quickly replenish their deposit money and cash out after a win.
  • Wagering history. This option keeps track of all previous games in a specific table. It can help determine future odds of winning and create a strategy for the upcoming games.

Live Blackjack: Pros and Cons

In its newest live form, Blackjack online with live dealers has some differences from its original one. Both options might be suited for different players with different goals and preferences. There is no clear answer as to which one is better and more worth playing. Neither possesses any specific qualities that would make them worse or better than one another and choosing either is purely a matter of preference. Here are some pros and cons of live casino Blackjack to help figure out which one is more for you:


  • Playing with a real dealer. The live version features a real dealer conducting every game. This gives a more realistic feel and helps players get some actual human connection. Instead of a mechanized, cold game, it’s made to mimic original, fun, and interactive entertainment.
  • Choosing the dealer are not only their human dealers but also many of them- so many that players can choose which dealer they want to play with. Different dealers can give different experiences — having varying senses of humor, ways of conducting games, etc.
  • Easy and similar gaming experience. Online Live Blackjack takes the best of both card game versions. Its online version has ease and convenience, allowing players to play anytime, with minimal effort and knowledge. It also has the similarity and authenticity of Live Blackjack real money, appealing to the more experienced, older gamblers with love for tradition.
  • No reason for fairness concerns. This version uses traditional, real-life mechanics to ensure that no game is rigged. Users can be sure they’re playing Live Blackjack no deposit fairly because every action takes place in front of them in real time.


  • Slower games. Live Blackjack can’t be as fast and dynamic as online. Wait for other players to choose before this game progresses. Additionally, every action preparing the table, as well as card shuffling, etc., takes time and will require waiting.
  • Precautions for stopping player advantage. This con is most hurtful if you’re an experienced player. In the same fashion as land casinos, online ones have implemented certain mechanics that stop players from getting an edge over the house using card counting or shuffle tracking tactics.
  • Full tables. Another issue associated with free Live Blackjack game online being live and in real-time. At specific times of the day, when most people are active in Live Blackjack online casino, users might find their favorite tables full, making them unable to join. Sometimes players wait hours to play, even once at the table they prefer, due to long queues and game lengths.

Real Money Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing with real money offers an array of different benefits. Other than the most obvious, which is being able to win money, playing Live Blackjack online real money has some other pluses. You will enjoy it more — by risking real wins or losses; this game will bring much more excitement. Users can also test themselves in terms of their ability to create a good strategy. Can you come up with a strategy that won’t get detected? Real money play also allows getting bonuses the casinos offer and spending quality time with friends in a more competitive setup. Here’s how to play online Blackjack live dealer real money:

  1. Choose a Live Blackjack casino. Consider the casino’s assortment and opinions and ratings online.
  2. Make a deposit. Done after creating an account on the casino, with many different payment options.
  3. Select an online Live Blackjack real money table. It should have its category, making it easy to be found.
  4. Place a bet. Select chips with the numbers representing betting size, and confirm the bet to finalize it.
  5. Win funds playing Blackjack online real money real dealers. You’re all ready to play! Be careful of the deposit and make adjustments as it changes.

Free Live Dealer Blackjack

Choosing free play also has its benefits. Users will be risking no money, letting them enjoy this game without worrying about anything. There is no need for anything to start. This variant is best for beginners who want to learn and people with smaller budgets. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find an online casino that allows Live Blackjack free play.
  2. Search “free Blackjack Live dealer” in the casino.
  3. Choose your preferred table.
  4. Play and have fun without risking any money!

How to Play Live Blackjack Mobile

As the development of online gambling goes on with time, so does live mobile Blackjack. Fans of this game will be thrilled to hear that, as of recently, there are more and more mobile options for playing it. Top providers have made their games available for all platforms, including phones of all operating systems. The only thing to play is a mobile device and a stable internet connection — preferably 3G or higher. You can do it at home, on the bus, or in the park. Mobile gaming knows no bounds!

Tips & Tricks to Win Live Blackjack

If you’ve decided to play this game variation, it’s best to learn all strategies and tricks. These will help win the most money or minimize losses. Blackjack, like any other gambling game, is mostly random, and there is no clear way to ensure to win.

  • Practice on free Live Blackjack games. Free play is your go — to if trying out new strategies or are simply new to this game. Learn and practice to become better before playing online Blackjack real money live dealers.
  • Avoid taking insurance. It’s usually not worth taking insurance during games, as the dealer’s chances of hitting a blackjack are very small.
  • Find a table that pays 3 to 2 for blackjack. Different casinos and tables have different payout rules, and 3 to 2 is the best possible. Find a table that provides payouts to ensure you’ll win the most when playing well.
  • Learn terms and card counting. Learning Blackjack theory is just as important as learning strategies. Both will help to play this game like a pro instead of a beginner.
  • Always split pairs of eights and aces. It’s been mathematically proven that eights and aces are most likely to give a good hand, so if having 2 of them, split it to increase winning possibilities.
  • Use bonuses and promotions. Casinos offer various free bonuses, which will help to get free cash and ensure you’ll always come back with a bit of money.
  • Choose your favourite online Blackjack live dealer. Whether a fast one, with fewer people, or big stakes one — choose a variant that best suits users’ needs and makes them feel most comfortable.
  • Use the chat to your advantage. Although it might not look like it, chat is a tool to use to get an advantage. Chat with the dealer in hopes of distracting him or acting a certain way that will give info or make him do what you want.
  • Be aware of how much money you have. Always be careful how much you spend. If you lose too much money, stop playing. Doing this can help avoid financial problems and disappointment in the future.
Is there a possibility to chat to live dealers playing Live Blackjack?
Yes. Dealers can see the chat during games and respond if you communicate with them.
Is there any difference between online and Live Blackjack?
Online Blackjack might refer to a slot machine, whereas a live one requires real-time play.
What are other variants of live dealer games to play?
Baccarat, Texas Hold 'em, and Roulette are some other live casino games you can play.
Is there a chance to win money playing Live Blackjack online?
If you're wagering real money, you can win more cash.
What bonuses will I have for playing online Live Blackjack?
Casinos offer bonuses such as payback for loss or free hands to play with.
Is there a cheating possibility in Live Blackjack?
No, some mechanisms prevent cheating and hacking in live games.
What is the best strategy to win this game?
There isn't a single best one, but good strategies: card counting or shuffle tracking exist.
In what online casinos in Australia can I play Live Blackjack?
The best casinos in Australia offering online Live Blackjack are Casoo, bitStarz, and Playamo.
What is Live Blackjack’s edge of the house?
With inexperienced players, it's about 2%. It goes down as the player is more skilled.
What version is better, the live dealer Blackjack or the classic online one?
There isn't a better option. Both variants have different pros and cons and are best suited for different people.