European Roulette

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European Roulette
The table games in online casinos have variants that suit each preference. European Roulette online is an example of the diverse variants of roulette that players enjoy. It is immensely preferred among other variants because it has increased winning chances through its low house advantage.

European Roulette Online

Thirty-seven divisions are numbered from 0 to 36 in European roulette Australia, and a player aims to predict rightly which number pocket a rolled roulette ball will land on. Each number from 1 to 36 is colored red or black alternately. But, number 0 is colored green. Gamers can access it for free with no download or registration required.

Basic Rules of European Roulette

As with all casino games, certain rules determine if a player wins or loses. European Roulette game differs from its counterpart, American roulette, in that it has a single zero compared with the two zeros (0 and 00) of the American one. All the 37 number sectors on European Roulette online are randomly scattered to include alternating colors of red and black. 18 of this sector are red; another 18 are black while the zero is green. Players take advantage of the single zero in European Roulette to offer them greater winning odds such that they get a significantly lower house edge than other roulette variants. Today, this one has taken over global roulettes with its high RTP.

What grants win or loss in this game is simple. Players need to guess where the rolled ball lands rightly. It is allowed to place bets till the ball gets rolled by the game dealer, after which all are forbidden. After the ball drops in any of the 37 numbered sectors, the winning numbers are announced while winnings are paid out to lucky players or losses relinquished to the house. Most online casinos offer a demo version of European Roulette for fun to help familiarize themselves with its rules before playing for real.

How to Play European Roulette Online for Fun

As intimidating as European Roulette online can be for newbies, its rules are simple. Players are to predict which of the 37 pockets will house the spun ball when it stops. Gamers are to set their wagers before the game commences, and they can consider different bet options. When a single digit is picked, players can predict rightly which single odd or even number will pocket the ball. Similarly, bettors can also choose pairs or quadrants and red or black during their bets. European Roulette NetEnt can only proceed after a bet has been confirmed, and when the ball stops, users get paid according to the paytable.

There are both internal and external options for Atlantic City European Roulette. The inside bet options include straight 35:1, which pays out 35x a player’s wager for each win, split 17:1, which requires to choose two digits rightly before they can win, and street 11 requires having 3 numbers in a row. For square 8:1, all 4 numbers in a bet form a square, while line 5:1 is 6 numbers separated horizontally.

Players considering this game’s outside bets can try out column 2:1, dozen 2:1, red/black 1:1, and odd/even 1:1. Every wager on column 2:1 delineate 12 numbers on each column, while the dozen 2:1 can be 1:12, 13:24 and 25:36. Gamers are to predict if the ball lands on a red or black sector in red/black 1:1 and similarly predict if it is an odd or even number in odd/even 1:1.

Two options allow betting with zero on European Roulette online game. They are corner and street ones, which stake on 0:3 and 0:2. European Roulette play for fun is exciting and rewarding even when your bet is lost. It stays till the next game round and avails players another opportunity to win. 4 casino workers efficiently manage this game at each time.

Free European Roulette by NetEnt

NetEnt originality is evident in its provision of European Roulette for fun, which players can play for free. Playing it in the demo version allows them to familiarise themselves with the rules at no cost and learn and perfect their strategies without leaving the confine of their homes as it is available on computers and mobile phones. All it takes is a simple step to select and place a wager and allow one’s dealer to spin the wheel. Apart from huge winning chances, this game has autoplay, racetracks, special bets, dynamic billboard, and hot and cold numbers features. Both experienced and newbies would not have a hard time to play European Roulette online for fun by NetEnt. This game is set on a standard layout that allows smooth betting and gameplay. It comes with simple control and a wide range of betting on a well-designed platform. 50 credit is the maximum value of chips allowed per bet, and its Fairplay and Random Number Generator grant players a rewarding gaming experience.

Play European Roulette Real Money

Players can be sure that while gaming on free European Roulette helps them to build their strategy, they can proceed to play for real money after they have acquired enough skill. Most online casinos also offer European Roulette for real money version, which even comes at a lower stake requirement than a land-based casino. This online version eliminates the stress of visiting a physical casino and still grants you sign-up bonuses. Players enjoy a house edge of 2.6% for a single-zero. European Roulette online real money can be played using these procedures:

  1. Find a European Roulette  Table: Based on how your chosen online casino categorizes its games, locate the table game section and consider each European Roulette ensuring that only the one with a minimum stake is played.
  2. Choose Stakes: Consider all available stake options and choose the one that would increase the chances of winning. Before playing, it is advisable to have prior knowledge of the payout from each option. Outside bets come with better winning odds.
  3. Place Your Wagers: Wagers should depend on bankroll and compliance with the game’s indicated bet limits. Any should not go below or exceed the limit offered by your chosen European Roulette.
  4. Spin the European Roulette Wheel: After all the bets have been placed, allow the wheel to spin. During this spin, the ball is tossed in the opposite direction and keeps rolling until it lands in a pocket.
  5. Try Doubling your bet: Players can try multiple bets to increase their chances of winning European Roulette real money. This can be done after the wins from the first bet have been confirmed and gamers are certain of their strategy.

Inside Bets

Players considering placing an inside bet have about 5 different options that can earn them wins. They can earn 35x on their bets placed on any number if they win with a straight 35:1. Split (17:1) allows doing it on just 2 numbers, while they are placed on a row containing 3 numbers in the street (11:1). There are also square (8:1) and line (5:1) that allow for bets on 4 and 6 numbers.

Outside Bets

Outside bets in European Roulette online real money make it stand out among other variants, as players can still reclaim a win after losing an even one. There are about 7 options; betting on 2 includes 0 corner and street bets involving 0-3 and 0-2 wagers. Others are column (2:1) and dozen (2:1,) which allow wagers on 12 numbers; low/high, red/black, and odd/even, which are all 1:1 wagers.

Tips to Win European Roulette Australia

Success in any gambling game depends on their knowledge of the chosen European Roulette game. Experienced gamblers acquire more knowledge as they keep trying their strategy, giving them more tips that increase their chances of winning. Tips are not to replace the game’s knowledge or rules. They are simple points that can benefit players if followed correctly. Some of European Roulette tips are listed below:

  • Keep off green zero: Landing the ball on a zero accrues wins to the house while players are at a loss. Green zero is not a lucky sector for any one. It is advised to avoid it while playing for real money. If you want to bet on green zero, don’t waste all your fortune on it.
  • Consideration of your bet options: Since outside bets grant players more chances to win, it is wise to prioritise them over inside bets. Based on a chosen strategy, both outside and inside can be carefully used. This combination strategy is strictly for experienced gamers.
  • Conserve your Profits by Minimizing Each bet: This is a basic rule in gambling, as most wins are based on luck. It is better to keep profit intact by betting just a small amount such that the effect of its loss would be negligible.
  • Learn with free European Roulette: No player jumps onto the wheel and becomes a master. Practice makes perfect, and this can be attained by playing free European Roulette which allows acquiring useful tips and strategies.
  • Combine Bet Options: A player can consistently stick to one option and learn how it works. With time, it is advisable to try out other options, as this help to maximize winning chances per each bet.
  • Start Small: Don’t just start placing bets with all bankroll. Start with small bets, and you can increase them once you understand the strategies that can help accrue wins. Note that a big bet without luck and strategy can lead to a huge loss.
  • Place outside bets first: Outside bets are better chances of winning in European Roulette Australia. It is always advisable for players to start their game with an outside one. Try out other options later when confidence is established.
  • Engage En Prison rule: When having loses a stake after a zero spin, this rule can help recover losses. This rule applies to an even-odd bet, and it works by granting players another chance. It is a bonus offered by only some casinos.
  • Have a budget: Players are not to gamble blindly with their bankrolls. There is no need to waste all your money on European Roulette online. Budgets are important for curtailing gambling sprees and encouraging responsible gambling.
  • Patronize Trusted Casinos: There are some unregistered casinos whose ratings and reviews have revealed their fraudulent acts. Ensure that you only play in a casino with a verifiable license and good reviews.

Strategies Playing European Roulette Game

European Roulette is a game that requires strategies in addition to luck, or else players will keep losing and getting frustrated while playing. It is necessary to acquire enough useful strategies before playing for real money, so it is advisable to play for free first to try out these strategies. Some useful strategies are mentioned below, with their advantages, disadvantages, and rules.

  • D’Alembert strategy: This strategy encourages players to increase their wager as they lose in European Roulette and decrease it gradually when they win. This simple strategy is safe to execute and is still used to date.
  • Martingale strategy: This is another popular strategy that is adopted by many gamblers. It involves increasing one’s bet after each loss such that all losses are reclaimed when one eventually wins. Although risky, it increases winning chances quickly.
  • Fibonacci strategy: Players using this strategy increase their bet when they lose a round and decrease it when they win. According to the gaming system, this increase or decrease amounts to the last two numbers.
  • Flat betting strategy in best online European Roulette: This strategy encourages consistency as players place the same bet amount after each round. It is believed that this strategy helps to minimize loss compared to other strategies.
  • Oskar’s Grind strategy: When the outcome of a wager is equally distributed between two identical results, this Oskar’s Grind strategy is applicable. It does not come with many big wins, but players have enough time to place their bets. All wagers start at one unit and can only be increased after a successive win and loss.
  • Labouchere Strategy: This is otherwise known as Split Martingale. Players plan their wins and all positive numbers that can yield them ahead of the game. This system is complex and requires more practice before it can work. It maths stick gamers to their games but can accumulate more bets when a losing line occurs.
  • Parlay Strategy: This intermediate strategy of Roulette European online applies to other table games and is a form of progressive betting system. In contrast to Martingale’s strategy, players double their initial wagers until they lose. It works only on a 50/50 bet as it maximizes a chances of earning a winning streak.
Is European Roulette different from French?
They operate similar outside bet options and layouts, the French variant differs in terms of some additional rules that players can benefit from. 
Are the rules of European Roulette online difficult to study? 
The rules are simple and easy to understand. They require practice and consistent tries before players can fully grasp them.
Where can I play European Roulette for real money? 
It can be played for real money in trusted online casinos that offer its live version. Alternatively, players can easily walk into a land-based casino to play it.
What strategy works while playing European Roulette game?
While there is no successful strategy, the Martingale strategy has proven to be the best as it remains popular among players.
What are the upsides of this game?
Players enjoy a lower house edge in European Roulette, increasing betting odds. Also, they get to benefit from outside bets more in this game.
What are the disadvantages of European Roulette online? 
Most casinos do not offer it due to its lower house advantage, so players may have to try harder to find one suitable.
What is the maximum payout from this game?
There is a maximum payout of 35:1, depending on how much a player stakes in a game round. Highrollers with successful strategies can win big from this bet option.
Which is better: European Roulette or American Roulette? 
European Roulette is better than the American version since it offers players higher winning odds while enjoying more useful rules and strategies.
Is this game downloadable for free play? 
Yes, players can download free European Roulette for fun. This equips them with more winning strategies and helps them to understand its rules.
Can Aussie players enjoy live European Roulette?
Many trusted Australian online casinos offer live European Roulette through their professional dealership.