Caribbean Poker Online

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Caribbean Poker
Carribean Poker online, also known as Carribean stud poker, is a casino table game. It's a variation of the traditional poker game, with rules derived from five-card stud poker. It's very popular in the US and some other countries, with gambling allowed countrywide. If looking for an experience slightly different from the normal one while still being able to enjoy the typical poker thrill, this variation is perfect for you. Caribbean Stud online allows to try luck against others and will keep occupied for long periods. They even have jackpots!

Caribbean Poker Rules

Although having its roots in classical poker, rules are slightly different from it. For starters, you don’t play against other players — you play versus the house. It creates a playstyle similar to the one in Blackjack and, in a way, combines those two games. Rules changes  might be confusing to new, inexperienced players. That’s why we’ve listed all the basic rules need to follow when playing Caribbean Stud Poker online:

  1. At the start, every player places an ante wager and a progressive side bet (optionally).
  2. All players and the dealer get 5 cards each, all being face down. The dealer exposes one of his cards, after which players may look at them.
  3. All players must decide — they can either play or fold. Folding means surrendering the hand and giving up the ante value. Playing requires players to “raise” for twice the ante amount.
  4. After that, the dealer reveals his cards to all Caribbean casino poker players.
  5. To play, the dealer must first qualify. This means that its hand has to either contain an ace, a king, or at least one pair. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, all players get their antes back, and the raise gets pushed.
  6. If the dealer has a qualifying hand and beats a player in value, that player will lose both his ante and his raise.
  7. If its hand is qualifying and he loses to a player, then that player will win his ante, and the rise in odds varies from what players have according to a paytable.
  8. If there’s a tie between a qualified dealer and a player, the ante and the raise will be pushed.
  9. If players win a jackpot, it’s relative to his progressive bet value, which relies on the poker hand value.

How to Play Caribbean Poker Online

Now that you know about the typical course of games, you might think of it as a similar game to Five-Card Stud Poker. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, there are some core differences to realize before getting into it.

For starters, users get five cards right away instead of getting two and drawing more as that game progresses. Another important distinction is that Carribean Poker is played against a dealer. This means that you won’t interact with any other players, and their actions cannot influence (and vice versa). This eliminates the option of bluffing or general mental strategizing to get an edge over opponent. Additionally, bet size doesn’t influence that game, as you’re not comparing wager to other players’ wagers. Lastly, unlike Five-Card Stud Poker, this variation offers two side bets. These are the progressive bet and the 5-1 bonus. They have potential to increase winnings according to final hand.

When it comes to actual hand variations; Caribbean stud poker game is no different than any other poker game. As with its classical version, the more combined cards you have, the stronger hand is. The possible Caribbean stud poker hands combination outcomes include:

  • Royal Flush — strongest combination. Requires cards from 10 to Ace, all in the same suit.
  • Straight Flush — any combination of five following cards in the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind — as name suggests, it requires four of the same cards in four suits (four aces, four kings, etc.)
  • Full House — the combination of three of a kind and a pair together.
  • Flush — this card combination requires you to have any five cards of the same color (unlike straight, they don’t have to be connectors).
  • Straight — a combination of five connected cards, such as 2 to 6, in different color
  • Three of a kind — three cards of the same kind in different colors.
  • Two Pair — two pairs of two cards of the same kind in different colors.
  • All other — includes one pair (two cards of the same kind) and a high card (highest valued card in hand)

Online Casino Caribbean Stud Poker Terminology

Poker has many terms and sayings that are exclusive to this game. Experienced and new players know them well because knowing them is crucial to playing it properly. Although they are well-known, many people still can’t figure out their meaning. This excludes them from the poker community and discourages them from trying it out. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered here as well. Here are basic online casino Caribbean Stud poker terms:

  • Ante — the initial, smaller wager that all players must set before seeing their cards. It makes folding, not consequence-free, and games are quicker this way.
  • Hand — the set of five cards you’re given, based on which this game is played.
  • Call Bet — a mechanic that means matching its bet of other players and waiting for their reaction. If all players call, their hands are shown, and the best one wins.
  • Fold — folding is an action to do when you have a bad hand. It means giving up its bet and opting out of the round.
  • Hole Cards — a term used to describe any cards players have to keep secret from other players.
  • Push — this can either mean a player “all inning” their hand (betting all their chips at once) or a tie between two players without a winner.
  • Raise — this term describes the action of making the existing bet bigger. All players must either fold, call the raise or raise it even more.
  • Pair — the most basic winning hand combination requires two cards of the same kind.
  • Progressive Jackpot Feature — a feature exclusive to Carribean Poker. The jackpot gets bigger each time add money to its progressive bet pool, and you win it when get a royal flush.

Play Caribbean Stud Poker Free

Free Carribean Poker doesn’t have to be played for real. Free demo versions are globally available and are the perfect way to practice when you’re unfamiliar with how this game works. It gives users full poker experience while not worrying about losing a single penny. There are a few important pros and cons to notice with Caribbean Poker free online gameplay type:


  • Demo training ground — Caribbean Stud Poker free game is perfect for beginners. They offer unlimited credits and carry no risk of financial loss when playing badly. They’re a great way to hone skills before trying its real version.
  • No money spent — there is no need to budget to try these out. Whether you’re tight on money, saving for something else, or simply not feeling like spending money on gambling today, free play is available.


  • No winning potential — you win just as much as lose: nothing. Users cannot gain any money from free Caribbean Stud, which might make them unappealing to some people
  • Less immersive experience — while involving money creates a certain risk, it also allows to immerse more into this game and feel deeper emotions. Caribbean Stud Poker free play can’t give users that. After all, you won’t care much if play for nothing.

Once you know why you should (or shouldn’t) play a demo version, here’s a quick guide on how to play Caribbean Stud Poker for free:

  1. Find a suitable free slots casino/site;
  2. Search for casino games and pick Carribean Stud Poker table;
  3. Click on one of available tables and enter;
  4. Set your bet value;
  5. Optionally, select side bets (progressive bet or 5-1 bonus).

How to Win Playing Caribbean Stud Poker Online Real Money

In Carribean Stud Poker for real money, payouts are quite different from other game variations. Their only similarity is that, like in other versions, they depend on wager value. Its main difference in payouts comes from the fact that in Carribean Poker, you’re not playing against other players. If win, there is no “pot” to take money from. Instead, wins are also relevant to the hand you’re dealt.

To get paid, hand has to be stronger than dealers. In this case, users’ll always be paid 1 to 1 for their ante. But the rise is taken into account only if the dealer qualifies. Every payout is specified as a multiplication of standard bet raise. Different casinos can have varying payout values, but they’re kept around normalized numbers. These numbers are:

  • 2 to 1 for Two Pairs;
  • 3 to 1 for Three of a Kind;
  • 4 to 1 for Straight;
  • 1 to 5 for Flush;
  • 1 to 7 for Full House;
  • 1 to 20 for Four of a Kind;
  • 1 to 50 for Straight Flush;
  • 1 to 100 for Royal Flush.

Remember — no matter how good your cards are, they HAVE to be better than dealers. This means that unlike some other versions of poker, this variation doesn’t have any payouts won, regardless of the outcome. This excludes Jackpots.

Carribean Poker for real money is one of few poker variations that include a progressive Jackpot. It rises in value each time add to its progressive bet at the start. It’s usually 1$ extra, 70% of which goes into the actual bet, while rest goes to financing other players’ jackpots. It’s also dependent on bet’s value at winning it. It is won automatically after win a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush in any of hands. A Royal Flush instantly gives the full 100% of its jackpot value, while a Straight Flush awards you with only the 10%. Keep in mind that this reward is given along with normal payout and does not replace it. In some casinos, other hand combinations, such as Four of a Kind, qualify for a jackpot.

What is the Best Caribbean Poker Strategy?

With so many differences and specific rules incorporated into Carribean Poker, its strategy is also quite different from strategies used in normal poker. Namely, there is just one choice upon seeing cards: folding or playing. This leaves only a basic Caribbean Stud Poker strategy to follow:

  • If have a pair or better, always raise
  • If have a hand weaker than Ace-King, always fold.
  • If happen to be dealt an Ace-King hand, follow these rules:
  1. If the dealer has anything between 2 and a Q, and you do too — always raise
  2. If their dealer has an Ace or a King, only raise if have a Queen or a Jack
  3. If have a queen, and the dealer has a card lower than fourth highest card, raise

Following this Caribbean Stud strategy will allow it to win much more and minimize losses to what its house’s edge is.

Tips to Win Caribbean Stud Online 

There are some additional, smaller tips and tricks that you might want to know before playing. There are not as impactful as casino Stud Poker strategy, but they still will help turn tides a bit more in favour. These tricks are:

  • Get to know its rules — the first step to winning is knowing rules. This is crucial to get a basic hang of what you’re doing.
  • Play Caribbean Stud online free — it allow to learn and try different strategies without losing money.
  • Don’t count on the jackpot — putting money on its progressive bet is too risky to be profitable and should not be used.
  • Follow its Ace-King Queen rule — this rule states that if you have an Ace-King hand, and the dealer’s face-up card is a Queen or lower, always raise.
  • Play on the right online casinos — your choice of casino is very important to how the overall experience will be. Not only do payouts vary from site to site, but its technical overlay and helping methods might be better in some casinos and be lacking in others.
What's the typical house edge in a Caribbean Stud Poker game?
The typical house edge stands at over 5%.
What's the best possible combination of cards in Carribean Poker online?
The best combination that you can have is the Royal Flush.
What do I have to do to win a round?
You must have a hand better than a qualified dealer's to win a round.
What are the best spots to play Carribean Stud Poker in Australia?
The two best casinos in Australia to play Carribean Poker in are CandyLand Casino and Cobber Casino.
Which countries support legal gambling in this variation of the game?
All countries that support legal gambling, such as US or UK, will also have this game.
Is this game prone to exploits and hacks?
Not only is hacking borderline impossible, but it's also heavily punished and not recommended.
How do I deal with game lag?
Patiently wait for this game to unfreeze, inform tech support or reload its site.
How profitable is Caribbean Stud Poker online real money when compared to other poker variations?
Its house's edge is quite big compared to other variations; otherwise, wins are comparable.