Online Blackjack Australia

Online blackjack is also referred to as “twenty-one” and is an exciting card game involving one or several players and a dealer. Each player contests against dealers but cannot compete against themselves. Traditionally, this game is played with either one, two, four, six, or eight decks of cards. This is a top-rated table game at online casinos in Australia. So, as an Aussie punter, if you are looking to enjoy playing blackjack online for fun or as a pastime, this game has many varieties for you.

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Free Blackjack Games

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of online blackjack in Australia today is its simplicity, massive payout, and players can enjoy it. Free blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards and is aimed at beating the dealer, which can be achieved either by having a greater value than the dealer or having a card with a value equal to twenty-one. Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how you can play blackjack online free.

  • Get seated at a table: when playing online, its first step is to join a blackjack table where you will be dealt 2 cards. After that, you can place a side bet on certain things, including colors, pairs, and lots more.
  • Decide when you want to ‘Hit’ playing blackjack online for fun: Here, you can press its ‘hit’ button, which gives you more cards and will help increase your hand value. But, ensure you have healthy hands and are willing to take certain risks, but you must not cross 21. Otherwise, you lose your money.
  • Press its ‘Stand’ button: When you are satisfied with your hand and ready to play, click its ‘Stand’ button, as this will let the dealer know you are prepared to play with the cards in front of you.
  • Understand hand value: ensure you adequately analyze your dealer’s hand. Since you already know his first card value, you can then look out for their entire hand. So, when you are sure you have a hand with a higher value, you have a greater winning opportunity .
  • Dealer shows entire cards at blackjack online free: its next step is for the dealer to reveal their cards. This will enable players to know that game’s result, as you must either have one greater than the dealer or a total of 21.
  • Who is closer to 21: Now, you get to win an online blackjack game when you have a hand card value higher than that of the dealer or when your card value is closer or equal to 21.

Online Blackjack Real Money

Players who have an in-depth understanding of how card counting works or use various other strategies while playing blackjack real money tend to have the edge over the casino. When it comes to playing for real money, there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Some benefits and drawbacks associated with real money blackjack include:


  • Real blackjack online is quite fast.
  • Offer players with signup bonuses
  • Best online blackjack real money comes with favorable rules for players.
  • Players get to focus more on playing.

Cons of real blackjack:

  • Higher hourly loss rate
  • Wagering requirements for certain bonuses make it difficult to get an edge.

While playing blackjack for real money, it is vital to understand probability and how it eventually affects odds. You can maximize your payout and decrease your risk of losing money. When playing this game, the odds of winning can go up to 42.22%, but this does not mean the house wins its other 57.78%. Let’s look at some betting options available.

  • Surrendering. This refers to a laid down rule made available at specific blackjack tables, which gives punters opportunities to forfeit their initial hand and, in return, they get 50% of their stake. There are two basic types of surrender: early surrender and late surrender.
  • Soft 17. This is a particular set of rules that players must follow on how they play their hand. When playing this version of blackjack, it is required that dealers draw on every starting hand whose value is less or equal to 16 and stand on every hand that has a value of equal or more than 17.
  • Insurance. This side bet is offered when its dealer’s card is an Ace. To successfully take insurance when playing, you must place an extra bet worth 50% of your initial bet. It is important to note that your insurance bet result must in no way affect the outcome of your main bet.
  • Taking even money. This is a unique rule in online blackjack real money Australia and is available at tables that accept insurance. By taking even money, you have a chance to take ‘even money or one-to-one payout now. But, if you fail to accept it, you will have to play blackjack for real money with your hand normally and get a 3 – 2 payout if the dealer fails to make blackjack also.

Best Online Blackjack Sites 

Certain factors need to be known when selecting the best blackjack sites. If you are looking for a fantastic one to enjoy playing at, we have helped you filter some of them out, as we made sure that every site suggested has an easy registration process, maximum security, fast payout, offers various bonuses and promotions, and has a wide range of game selection. With all of these, you can be sure that every best online blackjack casino available here will offer you its utmost gambling experience.


Online blackjack Australia is one of the simplest casino games, as players just have to get their hands as close as possible to 21 and equally hold a number higher than the dealer without going over 21. Although there are few rule differences while playing, this has resulted in the development of new blackjack online for fun variants. These variations are just a way of adding more thrills and excitement to older game versions. Below are some popular variations found in most online casinos.

  • European Blackjack Online. This variant is played with two decks of cards, making it more predictable than other ones, which use a half-dozen or more decks in its game. Another feature of online European blackjack that makes it quite popular among punters is that the dealer stands on 17. In European one, after doing some calculations, its total house edge eventually comes at about 0.39%, up to 20% less than classic blackjack.
  • Spanish 21 Blackjack. This is another variant of blackjack where all cards are dealt out. Spanish 21 offers user-friendly casino games, although its rules differ from one casino to another. In this variant, players can re-split, allowing punters to increase their winnings. Also, gamblers double down on any point total after a particular number of cards are dealt.
  • Live Dealer Blackjack. This is referred to as an online variant of blackjack, which has a human croupier and plays from a physical table in a real-life studio. The dealer is responsible for directing the actions that go on at the table. He shuffles the cards available by making use of an automatic shuffler, after which he deals the cards to the players. The cards contain a microchip which is connected to a special computer software program which then translates the actions on to the screen.
  • Blackjack Switch free online is a multi-hand variant in which a player is required to play two hands. Players must place equal stakes on both hands at the beginning of each round. The hands are then regularly dealt 2 cards, but gamblers can decide to switch one card from one hand with another from the other hand. Punters can create a strong starting hand, giving them an added advantage.
  • Blackjack Surrender. In it, players have an opportunity to fold a hand before eventually drawing new cards. Blackjack surrenders’ rules also follow that general basic rule of 21, and players must know when to hit, stand, and split. When playing blackjack surrender, knowing precisely when to surrender and forfeit your hand before finally handing your bet is important.
  • Perfect Blackjack. Perfect pairs blackjack online offers players a higher chance of enjoying gambling for individuals who prefer an excellent betting strategy rather than a great playing strategy. Although this variant has similar rules as classic blackjack, this one comes with a betting twist. When each hand begins, gamblers have a chance of making an extra side bet based on the probability that these first two cards dealt an equal number. By playing perfect blackjack, you get the chance to take a little extra risk on its side, making players’ gameplay much more enjoyable.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Looking at blackjack tournaments online, everyone has their own unique rules and structure. But, certain things will always remain similar in all tournaments. Are there any free blackjack tournament online free? Let’s take a look at it work:

  • All players participating in this tournament must pay a flat fee as a percentage of it goes to the house while what is left is added to the prize pool.
  • It can be in single or multiple tables and an elimination or non-elimination style.
  • In an online blackjack tournament, your opponents are other gamblers rather than the house like in a regular blackjack game.
  • Every participant begins with an equal number of chips.
  • The lead-off position rotates every hand, and its tournament continues until all players have been knocked out or all rounds are completed.
  • Contestants are eventually paid based on their position at the end of such a online blackjack tournament.

For professional players, you must have noticed some differences between casino blackjack and tournament one. But, if you are new, below are some differences between them.

Blackjack Online CasinoBlackjack Tournaments Online
AimYour hand win must be greater than losing to beat the dealer when playing successfully.To have the highest chip count and be amongst its top players,
OpponentThe house (dealer)Other participants
RiskAllowed to wager as much as you want on every handTournament is played at a set price
RewardYou earn money on every hand you win, and this is dependent on its table payouts and the amount you stake.You get rewarded with a piece of its pool prize if you finish among its top players
StrategyOptimal game strategy offers you with a higher advantageThe strategy for blackjack tournament is fluid.

How To Win Blackjack Online

Specific strategies combine laid down rules to show you the best way of playing each hand dealt with you to have a higher chance of winning at online blackjack real money or demo version. The primary winning key is having an in-depth knowledge of probability. It is important to note that ten, queen, king, and jack have a value of 10. There are about 16 cards in a 52-card deck worth 10.

By putting that into consideration, you can guess that the dealer next card turned over is a ten, as this will help narrow down that probability of what to expect in hand. With you having two cards at hand and the dealer having one card face-up and its other face-down, your card counting comes into play. Now, you need to play your hand based on the little information about its dealer’s proposed strength. By guessing that the dealer’s down card is a ten, you can increase your chance of guessing how strong its dealer’s hand is and then play accordingly.

Blackjack Strategy

To increase your chances of winning a blackjack online game, there are specific strategies you need to follow. Below are some vital strategies:

  • Know basic rules of blackjack. If you are new to play blackjack online, it is crucial to understand the specific rules involved in playing. Ensure you know how to count cards, when to place a bet and surrender. Blackjack is a card game where players compete against the dealer, and the goal is to come as close as possible to 21 points. So, having a simple understanding of some basic rules of that game will help you have a higher chance of winning.
  • Know your card values. Another important fact that will help your gameplay is by getting to know all your card values. You don’t have to worry about the suits of the cards because they can be a mix or similar suits. But, it is its numerical values that matter. You should note that cards 2 – 10 carry the same value as their number, while all picture cards, such as queens, kings, and jacks, all carry a value of 10. Which then leaves the ace card with a value of 1 or 11.
  • Learn basic blackjack strategy. Once you are quite conversant with table rules, you now need to consider yourself an online blackjack Australia player and select which strategy works for you. Various strategies implemented in playing blackjack are based on research performed by multiple mathematicians to figure out the best way of playing for any gambler’s hand. As a newbie, it is essential to know when you should call a hit, double down, split, or stand. The soft hands, pairs, hard hands, and many other aspects of basic blackjack strategy are also important. Instead of making random decisions, this strategy uses chats and rules based on probability and the odds needed for a player to enjoy its utmost gameplay.
  • Make use of a betting system. Once conversing with regular online blackjack betting strategies, you can now decide to push your gameplay with betting systems to win over the house. Using a betting system is a typical betting strategy that can help you increase your bet odds and trigger a hot winning streak. There are two types of betting systems used by punters, one of which is the positive progression betting system, which includes Paroli, Oscar’s System, Contra d’Alambert, and 1-3-2-6. And the second one is negative progressive betting systems, which provides for Martingale Betting Strategy.

Blackjack Tips

To make money playing blackjack online, it is important to know some tips that will help increase your chances of winning. While there are various tips for newbies, there are also advanced tips for expert players. Below are specific tips that beginners must take note of when playing blackjack:

  • Card Counting is an effective blackjack strategy that players must be conversant with. This is a way of mentally counting low and high cards to figure out the odds that seem to be favorable. When players have a low score, they tend to bet aggressively as they have a chance of having a higher card value. But, this is not easy as it requires players to focus adequately.
  • Split 8s and Aces. Ten-value cards are common in blackjack; hence, a pair of aces must be split. Failure to split your aces means you get one card valued at 1 and the other at 11, which means that you need a 9 to get you to 21 on your next card. But, when you draw a card valued at 10, both cards will be regarded as 1, leaving you with a 12. You should note that having two 8s is a poor hand in blackjack, and this does not matter if you split your starting hand or not. Playing your eight-pair hand puts you in a tight spot, as when dealt any card above 5, you will bust. It is advisable to slit them to give you a higher chance while playing.
  • Avoid Splitting Two Face Cards. You must avoid splitting two face cards when playing blackjack online Australia. The face cards each count as a value of 10, including Queen, Jack, and King, while Ace cards count as either 1 or 11. Splitting them would put you at a higher risk that might eventually bust you.
  • Understand House Edge. By constantly practicing blackjack, you tend to become more familiar with it and learn more. House edge is a casino’s edge over players during a game. To have a higher chance of winning, you must have an in-depth knowledge of how to outwit this advantage.

Terms Commonly Used in Blackjack

Free online blackjack games is a unique card game with various terms that cannot be found anywhere else. Paying attention to common terminologies before you begin to play is essential. You might see some of these terms at blackjack tables, while others might not be easily seen as deep in the rules segment. Below are some common terminologies:

  • Bust. This is used when a player or dealer’s hand adds up to a total of more than 21; then they are bust. In situations where players bust, they eventually lose their hand regardless of the dealer’s hand. But, if the dealer busts, then all the other players win that particular hand.
  • Burn Card. In most games, the dealer discards the initial card from its deck after shuffling or in cases where dealers are changed. This is used to prevent players from knowing the value of the first card through any visible means.
  • Card Counting. Punters use this method to identify and make use of situations when the deck is in their favor, as this is done by keeping track of cards that have already been dealt. With this, you can picture an approximate number of cards left.
  • Double Down. Some blackjack tables enable players to double on their initial hand, while others limit players to doubling only on starting hands with a value of 9-11 or 10-11. But, only players can double, while dealers cannot. Making it a special rule that benefits players.
  • Deck Penetration. This blackjack term describes how deep a dealer goes into a deck or hand before eventually reshuffling. This is an essential aspect of card counting as it is determined by the position in which the dealer places the cut card.
  • Face Cards are cards that feature a picture on them, and this includes Kings, Jacks, and Queens. This is also used to refer to cards with a value of 10.
  • Flat Betting. This is a betting strategy in which a player wagers an equal amount on every hand, which does not affect whether such player wins or loses.
  • Griffin Book. It is a book that contains casino cheaters or suspected card counters that are offered to casinos by Griffin investigators.
  • Hard Hand. This is usually referred to as a hand without an Ace or a hand whose Ace counts as 1 rather than 11. A hard hand is a hand with a total value of 12 or above that is liable to bust by taking another card.
  • Heads Up. This is a situation where no other players are at any blackjack table, as it remains only you against the dealer.
  • Hit. This refers to taking an extra card whose value will be added to your other cards to determine the total hand value.
  • House Edge is a particular advantage expressed in percentage terms that a set of blackjack online game rules offer the casino over the gamblers. In situations when you play online, the house edge is inverted and referred to as the return to player percentage.
  • Natural. It is another name used to refer to blackjack online. Natural is one of the various American terms which are not easily found in European games.
  • Paint. It is also another name used to refer to face cards. The term “paint” came into existence due to the color picture used for Kings, Queens, and Jacks.
  • Push is referred to in a situation where the hand of the player and the dealer are equal. But, the punter will push in some blackjack variants if the dealer makes a hand value of 22.
  • Split. When a player is dealt a pair, they have an opportunity to split the cards, and each card becomes the initial card of two starting hands, after which the dealer adds a card to complete each hand. While doubling your number of hands, splitting will require you to wager the same amount as your initial bet.
  • Stand. This is the simplest online blackjack term. This is used when players are satisfied with their card value and do not need more cards. This eventually signals the dealer that you want to stand and bring your turn to an end.
  • Soft Hand refers to a hand that has an Ace, which can be counted as 1 or 11. It is essential to note that soft online blackjack game hands significantly impact basic strategy and rules.
  • Surrender. This blackjack rule available to players allows them to forfeit their starting hand and receive 50% of their initial stake back. There are two types of surrender: the early surrender and the late surrender.
  • Up Card. This up card is used to refer to the dealer’s first card, and this card is usually dealt face up.
Is it necessary to pay taxes on winnings from playing blackjack online?
Absolutely! All gambling winnings are taxable income and need to be reported.
How do you select the best blackjack casino table?
Selecting the best blackjack table is vital as this will increase your chances of winning and having fun equally. When selecting a table, ensure you play at a table with a 3:2 payout, have fewer decks, avoid continuous shuffling machines, and select tables that allow double after splitting.
What's the highest winning chance when you play blackjack online for money?
When it comes to winning at blackjack, the odds can be as high as 42.22%, but that does not necessarily mean that the house wins the remaining 57.78% of the blackjack online game played as a result of a push which has an average of 8.48%.
Which version of blackjack has the highest winnings odds?
For those playing online, ensure you choose a reliable and reputable casino with various options in a big game range. So, you have the opportunity to select one that is player-friendly such as Blackjack Pro, as it has the lowest house edge.
What is the difference between online and live blackjack?
The general rules of blackjack are the same whether you are playing in a live casino or online. Although no physical cards are drawn at an online casino, a random number generator decides which cards are dealt, which does not affect the gameplay.
What is the worst blackjack game?
Although there are lots of fantastic blackjack games, there are also tables that you should avoid, one of which is Caesars Palace 6:5 Blackjack, as it has more bad rules and eight decks in which players can only double down on 10 and 11.
Where can I play blackjack online for beginners?
We offer you amazing casino games such as blackjack on our platform. Although various other casinos enable you to play, you can check out our blackjack games for free.
Is it better to have fewer or more people playing at the same table?
For players who use basic blackjack strategy and do not count cards, it is advisable to play at a full table. As a result, you will be dealt fewer hands at a full table, decreasing your bankroll's exposure to the house edge.
Are my personal details safe and secure when I play at online casinos?
Your personal information is safe and secure only when you play at casinos with licenses from notable regulators worldwide. So the online casino has passed some tests, including showing how it keeps its website safe and secure.
What bonuses are available for real money blackjack?
When playing for real money, various blackjack bonuses and promotions are available to punters. Some standard bonuses include welcome bonuses, daily bonuses, progressive jackpot, and lots more.